Tantra: The Supreme Understanding


“Tantra is freedom; freedom from all mind-constructs, from all mind-games; freedom from all structures; freedom from the other. Tantra is space to be. Tantra is liberation, a total orgasm of the whole being.” —Osho

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The tradition of Tantra or Tantric Buddhism is known to have existed in India as early as the 5th century AD. In this all-time bestseller, using the contemporary idiom and his own unique blend of wisdom and humor, Osho talks about the mystical insights found in the ancient Tantric writings. He also explores many significant Tantric meditation techniques, demonstrating how they are as relevant to the modern-day seeker as they were to those in earlier times.

No matter how complex, obscure, or mystical the subject, Osho always brings his uniquely refreshing perspective—introducing the most difficult concepts to the widest possible audience with irreverent wit and thought-provoking inspiration.


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