The Heart of Yoga (Yoga: The Science of the Soul)


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Talks on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Vol. 2 of the Series: Yoga: The Science of the Soul The practice of Yoga is now being widely embraced by the West in an endless range of evolving formats, particularly with added movement components. It is therefore very timely that Osho with his razor-sharp insight, respect, and compassion for the individual, brings a wider understanding of the potential benefits of Yoga for contemporary people in these talks on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Patanjali lived around 400BC and although Yoga was already in existence, he was able through his unique combination of logician, poet, and mystic, to present Yoga in a way that could be of help to all. And that continues to be true today. Osho describes Patanjali as a mathematician of the ultimate poetry; a mystic with a scientific mind, who analyzes and dissects as if in a lab, but his lab is one of the inner being. Patanjali has searched deeply into human energy and devised many techniques; he has found that in order to meditate, the body, mind, and being need to be healthy. His discovery that the body energy becomes whole with the chanting of om, the basic sound of existence, and his findings of the deep connection between breathing and thinking have been of great importance to generations of meditators

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