ISAN: No Footprints in the Blue Sky


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Talks on Zen I teach a New Man, a new humanity, a new concept of being in the world. I proclaim Homo Novus. The old man is dying, and there is no need to help it survive anymore. The old man is on the deathbed: don’t mourn for it – help it to die because only with the death of the old can the new be born. The cessation of the old is the beginning of the new. My message to humanity is a new man. Less than that won’t do. Not something modified, not something continuous with the past, but utterly discontinuous. Man has lived up to now not truly, not authentically; man has lived a very pseudo life. Man has lived in great pathology, man has lived in great disease. There is no need to live in this pathology: we can come out of the prison, because the prison is made by our own hands. We are in the prison because we have decided to be in the prison – because we have believed that the prison is not a prison but our home. My message to humanity is: enough is enough. Awake! See what man has done to man himself. In three thousand years, man has fought five thousand wars. You cannot call this humanity healthy – only once in a while has a buddha bloomed. If in the garden only once in a while a plant brings a flower, and otherwise the whole garden remains without flowers, will you call it a garden? Something very basic has gone wrong. Each person is born to be a buddha: less than that is not going to fulfill you. Osho Philosophia Perennis, Vol. 2

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