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A collection of 225 notes, written by Osho Although titled Random Thoughts, these small notes are not thoughts. They are impromptu self-expression of truth, arising in a consciousness steeped in utter silence. So that they are not lost to the seekers of truth, Osho wrote them down as they happened, and now those short pieces make up this exquisite collection. “Osho has said that masters do not speak about truth. Even if they want to, they cannot; it is impossible – truth cannot be told. They cannot speak about truth, but they can call forth the truth that is fast asleep in each of us. They can provoke it, they can challenge it. Perhaps Osho’s words in this small book will create that context for you, and enable you to explore what can be awakened: ”Where are you going? What you are searching for is not far away, it is nearby. And if you travel to find what is near, you will not come close to it but will go further away. Stop and see! To search for what is near, it is enough to just stop and see”. “Where does all the running after wealth, fame, knowledge, and spirituality take us to? Where does the running take us? Where does our ambitious running mind take us to? When I think of this, I remember a dream… “I have never forgotten this dream. When I used to dream, I saw this not once, but again and again. In the dream, there was a ladder. The top of the ladder was disappearing far into the clouds. It seemed as if the ladder would lead right to the sky. And, in a great desire to reach the sky, I would start climbing. Even to go beyond a single step was very difficult: breathing took so much effort, and my forehead was dripping with sweat. But because of the desire to reach the sky, I kept climbing. Slowly, slowly breathing got harder and harder, and the heart was almost giving up. But then I realized that I was not climbing alone: my ladder was not the only one. There were so many other ladders just like mine, and so many people climbing those ladders.

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