Last In the Evening


Life is often hectic, with days full of work commitments, family and friends – and then a variety of media compete to entertain and help us “relax” in the evening. This book offers something unique: spend just a few minutes before going to sleep at night reading some words of genuine wisdom – and allowing them to be absorbed deep into the heart. It is said that the last thing to occupy the mind before going to sleep is what the mind will wake up with the next morning. This precious book offers a short contemplation piece for each evening. Osho encourages consciousness and awareness, but through relaxation and letting go, not morality or beliefs. He explains how society has embedded expectations and demands from an early age, so that now they seem almost to be a part of man’s nature – but in fact all that truly encourages man is the ego. Through exploring the inner, that ego simply vanishes. And then there is no need to try to create bliss or relaxation, for they are already there, overflowing. “To know oneself is to know all. And that is the only thing I emphasize: no belief, no dogma, no creed, no church, no religion. By a simple process of inner observation you come to realize yourself. And the moment you know who you are, immediately you know the essential core of all existence, of life itself, because you are part of it.” Osho.

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