And Now and Here Beyond the Duality of Life and Death


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About And Now and Here Beyond the Duality of Life and Death Most of us look for security in our relationships, in our choice of living and working conditions, and in our finances. Underlying this search for security is a deep, instinctive fear of death, which continually colors our lives and drives our focus outward, toward survival. But we also have a longing to turn inward, to relax deeply within ourselves, and experience the sense of freedom and expansion this brings. With this book we can start exploring our inner world without fear. At the end of the first chapters there are meditations guided by Osho One of these meditations has been recorded with music and included as a CD with this book. Called Relaxing the BodyMind Meditation it is a gentle yet profound process and technique that can be used again and again to deepen our experience of awareness and relaxation. This book is available for the first time in hardcover format, combining the original two volume paperback version into one beautiful volume.

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