Key points to be considered before selling on Osho Darshan

• Seller should be legally able to sell the products that are proposed to be listed on the dashboard. 

• You must have obtained all the necessary licenses and permits required for such sale before listing the products on Osho Darshan.

 • Proposed Listed product(s) should be infringed on intellectual property rights. 

• Select the appropriate category and the listing will include only appropriate text description, graphics, pictures, and/or videos about your product. 

• Do not list any of your single product/ article in multiple quantities across various categories on Osho Darshan. 

• Osho Darshan reserves the right to restrict any of your product selling/seller based upon our investigation or any reason we deem suitable. 

• HSN code details are required for every listing, in case the HSN code is not provided by the seller, the listing will get delisted. 

• Osho Darshan reserved the discretionary power regarding making the COD payment option not available for any selected product(s) or categories 

• The generation of complete and accurate invoices on Osho Darshan is the sole and primary responsibility of the seller. 

Compliances to be done by sellers 

Seller should ensure full compliance related to and not just limited to: 

Information Technology Act, 2000 

Exchange control laws or regulations in force 

International Laws 

Foreign exchange laws 


Ordinances and regulations 

Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act (IGST Act) 

Central Goods and Service Tax Act (CGST Act) 

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) 

Relevant State Goods and Services Tax Act (SGST Act) 

Union Territories Goods and Services Tax Act 

Custom Duty 

Any other Local Taxes as applicable 

OFAC Regulations and other applicable sanctions regulations