The New Dawn


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The New Dawn You are heralding a new dawn, a new beginning,” says Osho, outlining his vision of humanity moving beyond wars, injustices, and social problems. The key to this transformation is the individual consciousness – changing ourselves through self-discovery and meditation. Osho responds to questions that range from global issues such as media lies and the misuse of science, to the intensely personal. He talks about conditioning and compassion, and says the way to a new society is each being living spontaneously and alertly in the present moment. A many-faceted series of discourses in which Osho dismantles a variety of questions from disciples. One asks: With the imminent possibility of global suicide isn’t it a paradox that all we can do is to sit silently? Another worries about the misuse of genetic science, and a third isn’t sure how to cope with the stress of living in the world. There are also many questions straight from the heart: about feelings of unworthiness; how to transform feelings of loneliness to a joy in aloneness, and what we can learn from love. Osho’s responses are applicable to everyone, everywhere, who is seeking to understand and to evolve.

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